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The founder of Tzu Chi Foundation (Taiwan), Dharma Master Cheng Yen, believes in an education that nurtures children by imparting propriety and virtue, guides them in the right direction in life, and teaches them the right values and principles. Apart from teaching academic knowledge, we emphasize on awakening the moral sense of young children and encouraging them to do good. The word “knowledge” refers to “intelligence”, which may only serve to fulfil one’s selfish needs if not used wisely. On the contrary, a person’s sense of moral arises from wisdom, which, when applied, will benefit the community.

Tzu Chi’s education aims to translate knowledge into wisdom and skills into the ability to do good. Every child is a seed of hope for the future. When a child is nurtured well, the positive influence will spread to the entire family. Early childhood education stresses on character development, for only when children have learned how to conduct themselves and treat others well can they blossom into talents. Hence, it is crucial to help children cultivate self-love, self-discipline, and confidence. In the early days of Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore), besides doing charity work, the NGO also planned to establish an educational institution which lives out Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s educational philosophy. In 2014, Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool (a childcare centre) was finally established, with the goal of helping children develop their character, learn life skills, and cultivate love and respect for life in an environment imbued with humanistic values.

Situated at the void deck of Block 703 in Chong Pang, Yishun, Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool opened its doors on 1st April 2014 and was awarded SPARK certification in 2017. Due to its long waiting list, the childcare centre expanded its premises to Block 706 in 2018. It provides full day Infant Care Programme and Child Care Programme to children aged 2 months to 6 years. 

Young children learn through imitation and role modelling. Hence, the preschool provides an environment conducive to learning through role modelling, guiding students to “speak kind words”, “think good thoughts”, and “do good deeds”. Many of our students made positive changes as they immersed in the wholesome environment over time, allowing their parents to witness their innate goodness and potential. Their siblings and parents are in turn motivated by the positive influences, which help to foster harmony in the family.

The establishment of the preschool was an important milestone of Tzu Chi Singapore’s Mission of Education. Currently, we also run the Great Love Student Care Centre, and the monthly Parent-Child Bonding Class and Teenagers’ Class, as well as a Collegiate Youth Association, allowing children to be immersed in humanistic culture from age zero to young adults.

We hope that after our students have graduated from the preschool, they will continue their journey of growth in Tzu Chi, a big family filed with gratitude, respect, and love.

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