Six-year-old Li Junyi was enrolled at Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool when he was just over one year old. Under the guidance of his teacher, Junyi has been serving tea and bathing his parents’ and grandparents’ feet on Parents Appreciation Day every year since 2018.

Although the Parents’ Day activity in 2022 continued to be held online to comply with the pandemic restriction measures, things were different from a year ago as Junyi’s grandparents could enter Singapore this time to participate in this “annual grand event” after the border was reopened. His father, Samuel Li, revealed that Junyi was so excited about the event that he was sleepless the night before and woke up at six in the morning in anticipation. After serving tea to his parents and bathing their feet, Junyi and his father bathed the grandparents’ feet together.

Apart from his family, Junyi also served tea to his maid, Ah Tey and his teacher, Ms Huang Chia Lin, and bathed their feet to show his appreciation for their love and care.

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