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Toa Payoh

200 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, Toa Payoh West Community Club

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 7am – 2pm

Located within the premise of Toa Payoh West Community Centre, Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool (Toa Payoh) is lit with natural light coming from its floor to ceiling sliding glass doors and windows. The preschool is equipped with ceiling fans to minimize the use of air-conditioning, which not only helps to reduce carbon footprint, but also reduce the possible spread of germs and diseases in an air- conditioned enclosed space.

The centre uses light coloured flooring and white walls to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The overall decoration of the classroom is designed with the theme of four spring, summer, autumn and winter. In Singapore, where there is only one season throughout the year, the interior design enables teachers to guide the children to appreciate the beauty of the four seasons.

The centre also adopts an open concept, where children from different age groups get to have their own space when they are having lessons and could see their friends from other classes during play time. This approach allows children to practice self-discipline by staying in their respective class without physical barriers.
Children can learn through interactive wall displays as well as age-appropriate toys and tasks. The wall displays and toys will be changed periodically so that children are suitably stimulated throughout the year. Our tables and chairs are also designed to fit the height according to the ages of the children. The tables and chairs for children under 2 years of age are about 6cm lower than the ones used by the 5 years old. These customized chairs not only give children a sense of security for being able to touch the floor with their feet, it is easier for them to sit down and stand up from the chair too, thus reducing the risk of falling.
The centre is located next to a park with two playgrounds and an upcoming water play area. Children have access to a multitude of sheltered and open outdoor spaces to explore and play together. There is also a community garden tended to by the Residents’ Committee where children can observe and get to know where food comes from.
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Scam Alert: Beware of Scam Website and Social Media Account – Unauthorised Use of Tzu Chi Identity

We are issuing a crucial alert regarding emerging online scams. It has come to our attention that SITE国际人才 engaged in the unauthorised use of our videos on its Little Red Book account. We hereby clarify that we are not associated with SITE国际人才 and have no involvement in its activities.