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Block 703 & 706, Yishun Avenue 5

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7am – 7pm
Saturday: 8am – 2pm

Situated at the void decks of Block 703 and 706, Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool has laminate wood flooring and white-washed walls, giving the centre a cozy and peaceful ambience. The classrooms are well-ventilated and adopt natural lighting to conserve energy. They are equipped with ceiling fans to minimize the use of air-conditioning, which not only helps to reduce carbon footprint, but also the spread of germs and diseases.

Child-height windows across the walls allow the children a view of the world outside, such as changes in the sky, plants in the garden, passersby, etc. During nap time, the blinds will be rolled down to minimize disruptions from outside. The tables and chairs are customized according to the average height of the students in each age group so that the little ones can comfortably rest their feet on the floor while seated. This helps to prevent falls and ensure safety.

Every classroom has a few learning corners, such as art and craft corner, library corner, building corner, etc., where the children can go to during break time to enjoy the educational and fun activities that they like. The items and materials in the learning corners are also changed periodically to complement the themes around the year.

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