Types of Programmes

Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool offers full-day infant and child care programmes for children aged 2 months to 6 years.

  • Infant Care: 2 months to 18 months (Yishun only)
  • Child Care:
    • Playgroup: 18 months to 2 years old
    • Nursery 1: 3 years old
    • Nursery 2: 4 years old
    • Kindergarten 1: 5 years old
    • Kindergarten 2: 6 years old

Curriculum Frameworks

Our Infant Care Programme and Child Care Programme are developed based on the frameworks initiated by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and the Ministry of Education. The programme contents and assessment methods are designed according to the developmental needs of different age groups, with the aim of promoting the learning and development of young children.

Infant Care Programme
Early Years Development Framework

Key Learning Areas:

  1. Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  2. Discovery of the World
  3. Language and Literacy
  4. Motor Skills Development
  5. Numeracy
  6. Social and Emotional Development

Other Activities

Apart from the usual daily programme, the preschool offers monthly flower arrangement and tea appreciation classes, to teach children good manners and decorum and to help them in character refinement. During every major festival, our teachers will involve the students in organising related activities to celebrate the occasion, allowing them to learn about and understand the cultures and customs of different races. 

The preschool also holds parent-child sports day and cooking classes, parents’ day activities, as well as organises volunteer work on Children’s Day, visits to the Zoo, the “Veggie Planet” programme, learning camps, etc. These extracurricular activities serve to enrich our students’ learning experiences and to help them cultivate a sense of gratitude and an interest to serve others

Healthy Meals & Snacks

We provide healthy and nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. To encourage an environment- and animal-friendly lifestyle, all the meals served are vegetarian.

A balanced and healthy diet is crucial to the growth and development of young children. We provide delicious meals prepared with different grains, fruits, and vegetables to ensure adequate protein intake. Our menus are certified by the Health Promotion Board and follow the guidelines stated in the Healthy Meals in Preschools Programme (HMPP).

Under the patient guidance of our teachers, many of our students gradually learn to love their greens. They are also taught not to be picky about food and not to be wasteful, for food does not come by easily.

Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool is a SPARK-certified preschool

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