Children's Stories


Six-year-old Li Junyi was enrolled at Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool when he was just over one year old…

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Ye Ming

Though growing up in a vegetarian family, Ye Ming used to throw up at the sight of vegetables. With the patient guidance of his teachers at the preschool, he has learned to enjoy…

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“I hoped that my son (Ariq) could learn one more language (Chinese), just like I did. That’s why I chose Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool…”

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Angus, who used to be an impatient and rambunctious boy, didn’t have many friends in class. Now, he has become a sensible child who enjoys helping others…

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Shao Quan

“Speaking positive words is like lotuses emerging from your mouth.” — This is Shao Quan’s favourite Jing Si Aphorism…

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After joining the PreSchool for a year, Dayyan, who used to be a naughty and bad-tempered boy, became a sensible and obedient child…

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Xin Yi

In her mother’s eyes, Xin Yi is an active girl who loves to do things. Initially, her mother thought that curiosity and playfulness were the driving forces…

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“I cannot let my mother do all the work, or else, she will get really tired,” said Tivsha…

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Zong Kei

“He used to be a little tyrant at home, but now, from his actions, I can see his respect for us (parents).”…

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Yi Xin

She is a caring child who loves small animals. When she sees a snail, she won’t touch it so as not to frighten the little creature…

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