Parents’ Involvement

Home is a safe haven where a child is raised and nurtured, and school is an extension of home. We believe in an early childhood education with a three-way partnership between parents, children, and teachers. Hence, it is important for parents and teachers to share common objectives and values with regard to education. Then, we can jointly create an environment conducive to the growth and development of children. In the early years, young children gain various learning experiences as they explore their surroundings. We strongly encourage parental involvement and participation in the preschool’s preschool’s activities to support the children’s development and to create precious parent-child memories!

Orientation for Parents

Before enrolment, parents must meet with the Principal or HOD to have a better understanding of the preschool’s philosophy and policies.

Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM)

The preschool schedules a Parent-Teacher Meeting twice annually. Parents are encouraged to attend this meeting, where the teachers will give them a clear picture on their child’s academic, social, emotional, and behavioural progress in school.

Parents’ Participation

Parents are encouraged to actively participate in activities organised by the PreSchool and Tzu Chi Singapore, such as Birthday Walk, Parents’ Appreciation Day, Year-End Blessing Ceremony, Festive Charity Fair, etc., to help their children cultivate an attitude of service. These events are stated in the Calendar of Events, which will be given at the beginning of the school year or upon enrolment.

Birthday Walk

It is part of the preschool’s unique culture to conduct a Birthday Walk for each of our students. We guide the children to show appreciation to and thank their parents on their birthday, and help them remember what a special day it is for the whole family. Parents are discouraged from bringing goodie bags or birthday cakes and are instead encouraged to share stories of their child’s life with photos (at least one photo for each year of their child’s life).

Parents’ Resources & Support

The preschool has a Parents’ Resource Corner and organises talks and workshops periodically, to provide useful information related to child development and parenting support.

Circle Of Love

Circle of Love is a file which each student takes home every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month, from January to November. It contains records of the activities that the children have participated in school, Jing Si Aphorism* stories and helpful articles about child development or parenting. There will also be activities that involve parents, and they serve to reinforce the children’s learning. Parents are required to complete the activities with their children and record them in the file. The records may include text, photos or drawings, and the file is to be returned on the following Monday. Circle of Love is also a means for teachers to better understand each child’s family, so that they can provide better support for the child.

*Jing Si Aphorisms are wise sayings by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Home-School Communication

There are formal and informal means of communication between the home and the preschool’s, such as communication book, notice board, letters, emails, telephone calls, face-to-face talks upon arrival or dismissal, etc. Kindly check your child’s communication book daily for updates or consent forms.

Our Team of Caring Volunteers

A hallmark of Tzu Chi Great Love PreSchool is a team of dedicated volunteers who serve as the teachers’ assistants. They help out at the preschool from Monday to Friday each week, receiving the students and seeing them off, comforting crying children, helping with classroom management, looking after the children during outings, etc. Although they are not paid, these volunteers provide valuable support to the teachers, allowing the latter to concentrate on their teaching duties. We warmly welcome the parents of our students or any senior members of their family to join the ranks of volunteers and accompany the children on their journey of growth! Please contact the preschool’s administration office if you are interested in volunteering.
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