Our Philosophy

Philosophy & Approach

Children are born innocent and pure. We believe in protecting the innate innocence that every child carries and promoting positive development in early childhood. Tzu Chi’s preschool education focuses on developing independent living skills in children and includes character building lessons and activities that guide children to do good and to practise filial piety. Our teachers seek to nurture in children an empathetic and loving heart, and teach them to live in harmony with Mother Nature, with a love and respect for all life.

In their early formative years, children engage all their senses while learning, and develop their cognitive, motor, communication, and social skills through observation and imitation. Hence, an environment with role models whom they can emulate is crucial to their growth and development. Our teachers guide children through role-modelling, building close bonds with them with love and patience, which enhances their learning. Besides self-help skills, such as cleaning and tidying up, folding clothes, etc., the children also learn to exercise self-discipline and to develop good manners and etiquette in daily life. This helps them to better express and control their emotions and to behave appropriately in the public.

Our curriculum includes emotional management skills and values education that help children to cultivate love and gratitude in their hearts. For example, under the patient guidance of our teachers, children learn to serve their parents tea to show their appreciation. Instead of holding a rousing birthday party for a child, we invite the parents to the class to share stories of their child’s growth and development. We also organise an annual “Fruit and Vegetable Planet” activity where the kids learn to love and cherish animals, and are gradually inspired to choose a plant-based over a meat-based diet. They are further guided to extend their love and care to the environment by doing recycling and conserving resources.

Apart from inculcating humanistic values in the children and guiding them to serve for the common good, our teachers work closely with the parents, to pass on wholesome values and healthy habits that will bring lifelong benefits to their little ones.

Our Methodology

Imparting Self-help Skills

A good early childhood education includes the teaching of self-help skills and proper manners and etiquette. For instance, the children are taught to clear their bowls and plates before returning them and to clean their table after every meal. Our teachers guide their students to take care of their daily living needs and to complete simple tasks on their own. Parents are encouraged to allow their kids to help with household chores at home to further reinforce their independent living skills.

Theme-based Teaching and Learning

Lessons at the preschool are conducted based on different themes, each lasting ten weeks or one school term. These lessons include activities that arouse children’s interest and help them learn through exploration and discovery. For example, one of the themes for the K1 class is “My School and I”, where the students are guided to learn about the various items in their classroom and to set class rules together. Our teachers also implement age-appropriate teaching strategies that develop the students’ abilities to solve problems creatively.

Values Education — Jing Si Aphorisms

Jing Si Aphorisms* are the core humanistic values of Tzu Chi. These wise sayings are applicable to daily life and serve to inspire goodness in both the young and the old. Short and simple Jing Si Aphorisms that are easily understood by young children are incorporated into the lessons and the teachings are instilled in them through story-telling, experiential activities, reflection, practice, drama and discussion.
*Jing Si Aphorisms are wise sayings by Dharma Master Cheng Yen

Bilingual Environment

The preschool provides a bilingual learning environment that helps children master basic literacy skills (listening, reading and writing). Our curriculum includes introductions to the various festivals, religions and cultures in Singapore, to promote children’s understanding and love of our multicultural society and to develop their respect and tolerance for different races.

Humanistic Culture Programme

We offer Jing Si Tea Art and Floral Arrangement classes where the young can develop their appreciation for nature and beauty as well as cultivate good deportment and decorum. These lessons further strengthen the values of love, respect and gratitude in the children as they are taught to love, respect and be thankful to what Mother Nature brings. During a tea art class, the students learn about various types of tea and the utensils used to prepare tea. They are guided to take three sips from each cup of tea, which symbolise “speak kind words”, “think good thoughts”, and “do good deeds”.

Field Trips

The outdoors are a natural classroom that provides plenty of opportunities for learning and discovery. Children are taken on outings to learn about the origins of food and how food crops are painstakingly cultivated by farmers. They also visit the River Safari to learn about the lifestyles, behaviour, and habitats of various aquatic animals. Through excursions that encourage exploration and observation, our students are able to broaden their minds and to expand and enrich their life experiences.

Community and Volunteer Activities

Through teamwork and group activities, our students learn to care and share and to help one another in the classroom. They find joy in serving others, and are given opportunities to serve at senior activity centres and Tzu Chi’s public events. The students help out at the annual Festive Charity Fair and put up cultural/artistic performances at the Year End Blessing Ceremony.
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